6 Month Studio Session Minneapolis

I had so much taking Phin’s 6 month photos in my Minneapolis studio!  I’m pretty convinced that Phin is the happiest baby I know.  This kid came in to the studio totally passed out napping in his carseat and opened his eyes with the cutest little grin on his face.  Talk about Melt my Heart!  I’m not surprised though, because he has the most amazing family and I’ve recently had the opportunity to get to know his momma Hope Plack.  Hope is an amazing fitness and nutrition coach and I learned a lot just chatting with her at Phin’s newborn session and have been working with her the last 8 weeks.  Not only is Hope extremely knowledgeable but she is also so encouraging.  Even during Phin’s session she kept telling him what a good job he was doing.  I have no doubt she is his biggest fan!!  If you want to check out this crazy talented woman, check out her Facebook page {HERE}  And now on to the photo goodness!!