Boudoir ABC’s | Everything you want to know before your boudoir session

So, I know you may be teedering on the fence about doing a boudoir session, Right?  Maybe you’re wondering if it’s silly to do a session if it’s not for a gift?  Or, you have no idea what to wear, because your not really a lingerie kind of girl?  Well don’t you worry, here are the ABC’s of boudoir sessions.  I’m going to tell you all you need to know, and MORE!

A- “All About You”

As the title says, a boudoir session is all about you!  I know, I know, you may be thinking hey this is for my fiance or boyfriend!  And, while yes, they may reap some great benefits from your photos, I suggest that you go into the session thinking, for once in my life, this is about me feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable in my own skin!  I often have people tell me, “that looks so fun” and then comes the dreaded “BUT” i don’t have a great body, or i hate how my legs/arms look… or insert body part here! A great boudoir photographer will help you find  poses, lingerie, and oufits that fit your body just right!  It’s not about walking into a studio with the perfect model body!   Boudoir sessions are about embracing your body and highlighting your assets.  I love the lingerie below.  Both outfits are from Anthropology, one with more coverage than the other, but both equally sexy!


Pretty in Pink?  Okay so not really pink, more blush! Step outside the black and white box and find some color for your boudoir session.  It’s great to have the classic looks but i just adore this soft blush color, it goes great with most skin tones! These ensembles are from


B- “Bring on the Hair & Make Up and Accessories”

One thing that I highly encourage from my clients to do, is to hire a professional hair and make up artist.  It’s so fun to get dolled up, because lets face it, it’s a rare thing to splurge on hair and make up.  Professional artists are going to know how to play up the best features in your face, like your bright blue eyes or your lucious lips!  They also are going to be aware of the amount of make up you need to look great on camera.


In addition to Hair & Make up, you’ll want to make sure you purchase some accessories for your session.  I recommend a strand of pearls and another fun chunky necklace.  Don’t forget a pair of Nude heals and possibly another pair, like black, depending on what outfits you chose!


C- “Clothing Optional”

So as the title of this post says, clothing is optional!  As I said above in the “All About You” section, this boudoir session is about YOU!  If you don’t want to wear Lingerie, then don’t!  Find 2-4 different looks for your session that make you feel confident and gorgeous in your  boudoir photos.  So if that means wearing nothing for your photos, or it means wearing your favorite boy shorts and tank top, I promise you, you will feel great and love the ending result!

One of my favorite looks for boudoir sessions are oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans with lace underwear.  Super gorgeous and leaves room for the imagination!



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