Minneapolis Children’s Portrait Studio | Stress Free Photo Sessions

I’ve been looking forward to photographing this adorable family for some time now.  It’s been a long time in the making 🙂  I feel so privileged to capture photographs for my clients.  I happen to be friends with Lauren and Michelle and was so honored when they asked me to capture their son’s 2nd birthday photos.  Lauren emailed me the day before their session warning me that Luke takes a while to warm up and that as a result they usually have more “serious” photos of their son.  I was so appreciative of her heads up about this because it really allowed me to mentally prepare myself for their session.  Getting great photos is more than just the photographer’s camera skills, it’s about being able to work with all sorts of different situations.  If you photograph children, you are bound to have some shy children that don’t like their photos taken by strangers!  My kids are included in this bunch!  When they got to the studio I could already see that Luke was not thrilled about his photo session..ha ha!  He was clinging for dear life to Michelle begging to leave.  So to ease his mind, I got us over to the area I’d like to be shooting in and then we just had fun!! I got on the floor with him and started playing his drum.  Luke loves music and thankfully his mom’s brought some of his instruments.  We went to town playing and I tried to get Luke to trust me by doing something he loves!  The rest is history, look at these gorgeous smiles he gave us!!  Real, Authentic, Candid images, this is what makes my job worth the world to me!