Minneapolis Family Photographer | Perfect photos in an imperfect way

So when Lisa contacted me about doing some photos a few months ago she told me that her husband Mike was leaving for a 9 month deployment in the fall.  She really wanted to capture some photos of their family and daughter Liv so he could take them with him.  As you can imagine as a mother myself I wanted this session to be perfect for them.  I find myself getting so teary eyed now so easily.  It’s the weirdest thing how a touching commercial can just make the waterworks start for me!!  I know I’m not alone on this, because my sister in laws are the same way. Last year at Thanksgiving we were sharing what we were thankful for at the dinner table and we were a bunch of blubbering idiots..ha!  There is something about being a family though that just changes you forever.

The day of our session, Liv was totally not in the mood for photos to say the least, ha!  She is 18 months old so who can blame her.  She doesn’t want to pose for the camera 🙂  The funny part though is that even though the session didn’t go perfect in my way, or Lisa’s, the fact of the matter is we captured some amazingly candid photos of Liv just “being” with her family.  And we played some fun games, like hiding her sippy cup.  She thought that was a blast!  So in this imperfect session of ours, we created the most perfect photos.  Photos that Liv’s dad Mike can take with him on those 9 months and remember those exact imperfect moments we experienced that day.  Life is imperfect but that’s what makes it beautiful.  Out of imperfection comes beauty and love for just what “is”.

God Bless you Mike for serving our Country, Wishing you a safe and sound return…