Minnesota Boudoir Photographer | Boudoir Truths

As you may or may not know I’ve added Boudoir sessions into my repertoire in 2014.  When I envisioned myself doing these sessions I dreamed of them being beautiful, and empowering to the women who chose to come and see me.  A lot of people think that boudoir means looking cheap and dirty but the opposite is quite true.  Boudoir sessions are about feeling confident, and beautiful in your own skin.  The women that come to my studio for these sessions are not high fashion models.  They are everyday women who are corporate successes, brides, wives and mothers( sometimes to 2,3 or 4 children)!  And believe it or not, sometimes these sessions are not for their grooms to be, or a surprise for their husband, but for themselves.  That is a Boudoir Truth!  And it’s okay no matter what your reason.   I can promise you this, you will love your classic and timeless boudoir images and most of all I will help you have a blast doing it!  Huge thanks to Miss K for letting me share a few from her session last month!