Minnesota Newborn Photographer

Being a newborn photographer definitely has its surprises as you could say! Parents are always amazed that I photograph every pose with baby having no diaper on…ha ha! There are plenty of messes that go on, but luckily, I have a prop stash that is quite hilariously large. We went through a few sets of fabrics and pant sets with Quinn during her photos but you’d never know it by all the adorable images we captured.

Quinn was such a pretty little baby. I swear she looked great on every color I put her on. She had the cutest little nose and lips and curled up so perfectly at 11 days old!

Big sister Norah joined in for some photos too and she was such a proud big sister. She especially loved when I told her the monkeys in my camera were smiling at her! I think that is when she gave us the biggest grin!

Before we finished up our session mom requested a photo with her girls, something I think most mother’s lack are photos with their children. Lets just be honest here, and say that most of us mothers are usually the ones taking the photos! I’m so glad that she suggested it (its not something in my normal repertoire) because it is seriously one of my favorite photos to date! I always do a photo of newborn baby with Mom, but now, I think I need to start adding in more photos of mothers and their children. I find myself looking back and wishing I had more photos of myself with my girls right after I gave birth to my youngest. Nicole looked so gorgeous, who would have known she gave birth just a week ago!

Newborn Photos MNNewborn Photos MN