Minnesota Newborn Photographer

If there is one thing that makes my heart pitter patter is when I get to see clients over and over again and watch their families grow!  I feel so blessed to be a Minnesota newborn photographer.  I may be bias but I really do think I have the best clients on the planet!  Today I got to see sweet baby boy Lincoln.  It’s hard to believe I was photographing his big brother Jackson when he was this tiny just 3.5 years ago!  I am absolutely drooling over the newborn sibling photo of the two of them!!!  So much adorableness in one photo.  Jackson was like the best big brother ever.  He was so gentle with Lincoln and you can just tell he loves him so much.  I see a bright future in front of them.  Emily was telling me during our session that right after Lincoln was born that Jackson already said he wanted a sister next, ha ha!  Hopefully we’ll both get our wish Jackson, you get a sister and I get to photograph all of you!

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