The Truth About Why Custom Photographers Cost More

So as I was editing sneak peek photos yesterday I realized I rarely share before/after photos.  I thought I would do that today!!  I think there are some misconceptions about how photographers really spend their time.  Most people assume that we spend most of our time actually photographing our clients and then we go home, download the images,and poof a little tweak here and there and they are ready to give to the client!

The truth is most photographers spend the majority of their time at their computers.  I really strive to have my photos look as close to real life as possible.  I do this by knowing how to expose images correctly, taking custom white balances and using the correct f-stop.  That being said, especially in newborn photography, there are things out of your control.  Most babies come home from the hospital either jaundice or ruddy (reddish color).  This is just the reality of the first few weeks of a newborn’s life.    Being a skilled editor is an important aspect of portrait photography.  So before you think, “Hey I have a nice camera, I can take the photos myself.” remember, more than likely the photographer you admire isn’t showing you the image straight out of the camera.  It probably took them years to perfect their editing style and in the end it’s worth the investment for those images 😉