Top 3 Reasons To Order A Wedding Album

A wedding album is probably one of the best investments you can make besides the photographer themselves. I know we live in a digital age where everyone is offering the the files as part of their packages however, think about 30 years from now. Do you want to tell the story of your wedding day by pulling out your DVD or Flash Drive (if those will even exist in 30 years)? We will talk about digital archiving photos another day because that is a whole blog post in itself, ha ha!

Here are the top 3 reasons you should order a custom wedding album from your photographer:

1. QUALITY PRODUCT: Your photographer has likely spent hours/days/weeks on finding beautiful wedding albums that show off your gorgeous wedding photos.  Places like shutterfly just can’t offer this type of quality and most professional album companies offer amazing warranties for a lifetime on their products.

2. CUSTOM DESIGN: For the same reason you hired your wedding photographer, you’d probably love their wedding album designs as well. Photographers have an eye for telling the story.  They are also going to be able to tell you what looks good together. Anyone can slap a bunch a photos on a page, but to tell your love story in a beautiful design is ART!

3. FOREVER YOURS: When you have a wedding album custom designed for you its there for it to be enjoyed! Most wedding albums today are created to be out on your coffee table or displayed in a gorgeous book shelf. These babies are meant to be looked at today, tomorrow and 30 years from now!  When you are old and your grandkids want to see your wedding photos, do you want to pull out your DVD or do you want to have a stunning wedding album that tells your love story from the start!

This week JM Photography delivered a gorgeous 12X12 wedding album to Mike & Nicole and a lovely 8X8 parent album. They chose to go with a beautiful gold metallic leather and branded their names into the book. For a little variation they chose separate cover photos for their album and their parents. I am so in love with how they turned out!!

Custom Wedding Album DesignCustom_Wedding_Albums_MN