JM Photography has become known as Minneapolis, Minnesota’s best newborn and maternity photographer. Jessica takes great care in creating custom photography for each family she works with. The images Jessica captures during your child’s sessions will help you to remember all the big and small milestones in their lives.  

There are many aspects that play a role in creating and producing custom images for your family. Each photo taken during your session represents hours of preparation before, during and after the session. Each newborn and portrait image is also the product of countless hours of practice, patience and dedication to excellence. The session fee is carefully calculated, taking all these aspects of custom photography into consideration.

Session pricing begins at $395. Please contact us for a detailed pricing list.


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frequently asked questions

What types of newborn sessions do you offer?

JM Photography offers two types of newborn sessions, a newborn mini session and a regular newborn session. The newborn mini session is a one hour session of just baby. Typically we do two beanbag poses and two prop poses. The session lasts about 1 hour. We also offer a regular newborn session. This session is about 2-2.5 hours long and typically includes 4 beanbag set ups, two props and family/sibling photos.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

It’s best to schedule your newborn session before your baby arrives. I do have some time available for last minute appointments as well but if you want a spot guaranteed it’s best to set it up about 4-16 weeks in advance or earlier.

How old should my newborn be for photos?

Newborn photos are best done before the first 14 days of life. Your baby will be very sleepy and mold-able during this age. After this time period they tend to be more alert and not as willing to be posed. If your baby is 2-3 weeks old it is sometimes still possible to capture newborn photos, however it can be more difficult and will require a lot of prep work on your part and possibly a longer session at the studio to allow time for those awake periods.

Where and what time does the newborn session take place?

All newborn sessions take place at my NE Minneapolis Studio. The studio is warm and cozy and I have all the props and tools for a successful session. I typically schedule newborn sessions around 10 AM because most babies are sleepiest during the morning hours.

What do I need to bring to my newborn session?

A pacifier (to soothe baby in-between poses), a bottle with formula or breast milk (so we can feed baby in position), and lots of wipes for accidents! Baby will be naked for the majority of the session so accidents happen. All of our fabric props are washable but we will need some wipes to clean baby up.

When should we bring the sibling for family photos?

We always do family and sibling photos at the very end of our regular newborn session. So if possible, it is best to have another parent or even a grandparent bring the sibling later if they are less than 4 years old. Otherwise the wait can be very long and boring for a young sibling. We need the studio very quite and calm for these sessions.

Do I need to bring clothes for the baby?

No clothes are needed for the newborn posing part of the session. I do have lots of little outfits that coordinate beautifully with my fabric. On your intake form there is a question about color preferences. If you have a prop or clothing set you’d like used during the session please let us know before the session so we can coordinate.

What should we wear for family and sibling photos?

It’s best to avoid really bright colors like reds, pinks and neons. Creams, neutrals and grays look best and you want to limit the patters your wear to a minimum. The studio will be very warm (Around 80 degrees) so you will want to wear something light and comfortable and change into your clothes for family photos. We have a changing area and also a bathroom close by.